Public relations staff win big.

Solheim Cup: An event three years in the making.

From NBC and Golf Channel to the BBC and Associated Press, many major news outlets descended upon Des Moines to cover the 2017 Solheim Cup. Their coverage of the global golf event was filled with glowing reviews of the community and event as well as the state of women's golf. But the most important press coverage for the Solheim Cup was published or broadcast months before the August event at Des Moines Golf and Country Club.

ZLRIGNITION has been working with the Solheim Cup since the fall of 2014. Through a mulit-phase plan our public relations team promoted the event with local and regional media, garnering attention from television, radio, print and digitial outlets. Similarly, ZLR crafted web and email content to drive an email marketing campaign. The primary objective was to convert interested people into ticket holders. And we'd say the effort was a success. The 2017 Solheim Cup broke the previous attendance record for the event with more than 124,000 making the trip to the golf course.