Substance Abuse

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The Work

The Challenge

Reduce underage drinking throughout Iowa.

The Smart

Pre-teen and teen audiences rebel against "don't drink" lectures. But they respond to the real consequences of what alcohol can do to them.

The Bold

We encouraged the underage audience to stop and think about the risks and harms of drinking. Communications empowered them to take control and make the right decision in the face of peer pressure.

“Our underage drinking campaign was not only award-winning, but more importantly it was very well received with our local agencies and the target audience to help prevent the onset of underage drinking.”
– Julie Hibben, Project Manager for the IDPH Bureau of Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

The Results

Underage Drinking declined in Iowa since campaign launch

Since the campaign launched in 2010, Iowa has seen a 3.5% decline of underage drinking.

“Bottle Caps” was a highly awarded campaign, culminating in a silver National ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation.